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    Edit History

    Basically I just copy and paste the little block of text below my index page that outlines my newest updates/ edits.

    1. This site was last updated on Jan. 3, 2005. Changes are in layout only. There's been no additon of new content (aside from the blog ) since Dec. 21, 2004 (when this site was born).

    2.Jan. 22, 2005. Changed the splash page graphic to this.

    3. Jan. 22, 2005. Also put content in imagery page and stuff page .

    4. May 10, 2005. Changed the splash graphic to this.

    4. Dec. 22, 2005 (because i'm cheesy)
    ---a. Added a "Quotes of the Day" portion from The Quotations Page
    ---b.Added a blogmap to my page (from feedmap)
    ---c.changed the title (it used to be a link to how to help tsunami victims)
    ---d.added the useless info that my site is now one years old

    5. Dec. 24, 2005: christmas 2005 splash photo, plus i changed the font-family of the title from "cursive" to "trebuchet MS".
    I re-sized the 2272x1704 sized original photo to 500x375 to use on my splash page, but i was stupid and saved over the original. now i only have a tiny sized version of it. aughh!!! it was quite difficult to take this shot as the santas kept moving. this was my only good shot (the others were too blurry) and now i only have a tiny version left. grrrr!!!!

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